Generally, Software companies tend to neglect the “Quality Assurance” department, if it exists, in order to cut down expenses. This will eventually lead to delivering an unstable product due to the lack of testing. At this point, the QA department starts getting the attention of the management.

The QA team, with the support of management, starts putting all the effort possible in order to stabilize the product. However, due to tight schedules, the manual testing won’t cover all the product features. In addition, the regression cost would be high at this level. This would push the QA team to think of alternative solutions to speed up the testing process – AUTOMATION.

Due to time limitation, the QA team will go for the easiest automation solution possible:

Such a structure might get the companies to stabilize their products. However, once the version tested is released, more features and functionality will be requested. This will cause more problems as the old automation scripts are not maintainable. However, this could still be manageable. In a few iterations, would the automation project fail?

Other causes for the Automation projects failures:

With good planning and good understanding of the requirements and software functionality, automation projects should succeed. Please leave your comments.